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About Tri Coach Jon

Hi my name is Jon Goodege I’m a Triathlon coach and personal trainer. I help busy triathletes work hard and prepare for distance races such as triathlons and endurance events, making sure they complete and improve their times as well as helping them boost power, speed and stamina.

Get faster in any or all of the three triathlon disciplines Swimming, Cycling, or Running with personalised coaching plans.

Learn how to make the most of your limited training time so you can avoid burn out, injuries and still have a life.

Increase your confidence in your fitness, with constant monitoring and progression of training sessions.

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Tri Coach Jon Success Stories

International Client With ME

Client has ME who chose as a New Year Resolution to attempt to train, complete and enjoy a 50 mile bike ride.

Nutrition and Exercise Coaching plan provided.

Client actually gained muscle mass which is rare for an individual with a muscle wasting condition!

Quote: “Nutrition plan was perfect, Hydration plan was spot on, training was totally worth it, all from you! Couldn’t thank you enough!

Ben 'Irish' P

Team GB Age Group Qualification

I can’t recommend Jon enough, in 7 weeks he boosted my half Ironman time by 40 minutes and got me a GB slot!

I have never felt fitter or stronger and have had great fun buying new clothes to fit my new body!


Team GB Age Group Qualification

Thank you Jon Goodege for been the most inspirational, motivational person I have ever met. It's a privilege to have you as my coach.

What ever your doing is obviously working 2hour 46 min for the bike leg absolutely blew me away and to finish with legs that still worked.

Andrew Moxon

Parachute Regiment Military Preparation

I completed a 6 month Military Preparation Programme, however Jon Goodege recognised the generic physical fitness programme wasn't developing me as much as I needed.

A 1-2-1 training programme was designed, fitness tests completed and a Parachute Regiment Assessment Course date selected.

The plan was flexible to my day to day routine however challenged me and developed my running speed and strength where I was able to achieve an A grade pass on Assessment.

The new goal was then to prepare for the Combat Infantryman Course and the knowledge, training plan and flexibility allowed me to develop and grow and arrive for training in awesome shape.

It was an all round preparation programme, with the Ice Breaker plan, Regimental History revision and Weapon Characteristics advice all enabled me to perform at an overall level to be graded top of my Assessment Course. Can't thank you enough!

Oliver Cooper

Team GB Age Group Qualification

Would just like to thank tri coach Jon for a year of professional tri coaching. I’ve just completed the outlaw x 70.3, even though the swim was shortened due to the cold was a tough race with a lot of the best age groupers in the uk taking part, I found that with Jon’s expert coaching he guided me to a great triathlon experience. I am now looking forward to my winter training with tri coach Jon in preparation for the 2021 season. So again big thank you Jon, would highly recommend tri coach Jon true professional.

Colin Fell

I was a busy mum working, 2 kids and training for half iron man, Jon was amazing he wrote me a programme that fitted round me and my life and listened to my feedback. He was always available on WhatsApp for any questions, help I needed. I couldn't have done it without him. He took away all my worries and concerns so on the day I felt confident. 100% recommend Jon for anyone thinking about doing any endurance events.

Gemma P

Getting fit enough to take part in an endurance event can be a daunting task.

As an endurance athlete myself (and no spring chicken) I understand the challenges that busy people can face when preparing for half marathons, triathlons or ironman races. Making sure you get the most from your training and understanding how to recover is therefore vital.

Using tried and tested methods I have helped hundreds of athletes improve their fitness, and prepare for an array of endurance events. My plan can support you with what to eat making sure you can train at your peak and get the maximum from your training. Through constant monitoring and personal feedback I can make sure your training goals are right for you so that you are always working at the optimum level.

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