Just the idea of training for the Ironman triathlon can leave anyone with a keen mind. For many, that is impossible. A difficult and unthinkable feat, 99% + of the world’s people would never even consider trying.

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But a long-term study triathlon, like Ironman’s is not for the rest of the world. It is because of the select few who have mental and physical difficulties not only to appear on race day, but to persevere to the end.

There are a lot of training programs out there. Some are 4 weeks long, some are 16, but none are focused on athletes who want to face the full triathlon for the first time.

A double training program such as the Ironman triathlon training program, with a complete beginner training program, and triathletes with a history of Olympic & half grades, is long overdue, and it is time for you to achieve something different in your situation. For those who are wondering how to train for the Ironman triathlon, this training program by tri coach Jon is the answer.

This training program includes details of:

  • Acclimation Phase – Preparing your body for training
  • Foundation Phase – Building a foundation of endurance in all three games
  • Construction Phase – Slowly increase training volume and distance
  • High Range – Safely hitting a mile high before a full race
  • Taper – Helping your body recover so that you can be recommended for race day
  • Each of the details surrounding these sections also go hand in hand with training thinking tips, time management, nutrition, and nutrition, as well as the often-overlooked category of strength training.

    Each section will include swimming, cycling, running, and strength. You will also see that all these activities (excluding swimming and weight training) are measured in terms of time, not distances. This helps you to control yourself through training, and It helps you to stay in the routine so that you can maintain some kind of normal social life.

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    Acclimation Phase

    This section is designed, to get your body used to how this training program will feel. If you are in the process of registering for a full-time tri or not, such as the Ironman Triathlon Training, it is something you can commit to. This phase will show you what 10-week training will do for your body system.

    Running and cycling

    As long as you are running or cycling, this stage will last longer as it takes you to build 8 miles of running.

    As mentioned above, you will be running on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. On Thursday and Saturday, you will be cycling. In the same way that you would build a milage on the run, we would balance the bike in time, and build there again.


    When it comes to swimming, you will be looking to get used to being in the pool. Restricting your sets during this phase to about 1,500 meters or yards (depending on the lake you can access), will suffice at first.

    If you have access to a masters swimming team, or a triathlon swimming club consistently with the person running the program, that is popular not only will you get quality training, but team response can go a long way to help you get up in the morning to go to the pool.

    Weight Training

    All lifting/weight training during this period and in the following stages will focus more on the lower body and basic strength. A short half-term swim, triathlon especially a low-level sport, so the strength and stamina of such muscles will be critical to your success.

    In the Acclimation section, you will be focusing on 3 exercises:

    • Front squares
    • Back squares
    • AbMat’s stay

    The squats will also be based on 1 rep max. If you are new to the training, avoid doing 1 rep max and instead, use a visual stimulus rate at low percentages (60%, etc.) It should take a little effort, and each week, you can increase by 5-10 lbs (if required) to increase the challenge

    Baseline phase

    After getting a handle on the program during the Acclimation Phase, and deciding to commit to 30 weeks of triathlon training for a full-distance race like the Ironman  Triathlon Training, it’s time to explore the next phase of your one-year triathlon training program, the Foundation Phase.

    This section is designed to increase your firm base to the point where you have reached the Acclimation stage. By the end of this phase, running 8 miles, cycling 2-3 hours, and swimming more than 2,500m / y will be the norm. From there, during the Build & Peak stages, you can be sure that your body is ready to handle the increased volume, with a reduced chance of injury.

    The Baseline, Build and Peak phase training program will remain the same but will differ slightly from that of the Orientation Phase.

    In this way, the training program will help you get in shape for the marathons.

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